The Endeavor Works Spatula Walnut

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Hand Orientation

The Endeavor Works is a Fort Collins, Colorado based workshop headed by craftsman Aaron Williams and wife Natalie. Their flagship creation is The Spatula which was originally modeled after Aarons great grandmothers personal spatula. Every detail is cared for individually and created using traditional techniques. We are super proud to welcome Aaron's work in store and share his passion.

The remarkably thin spatula blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel which has amazing spring and flexability while remaining very confident feeling. The bevels of the spatula blade are sharpened then gently softened and polished for extremely smooth action against a pan. 1095 high carbon steel will form a beautiful patina over time but should be cared for appropriately and not left wet for extended periods.

The tang of the spatula is hand forged from mild carbon steel left with a touch of texture from the forging process. The crank neck style is tried and true and offers amazing strength and versatility. The blade and tang are joined by two hammered rivets and should last for multiple generations to come.

The handles are made in the timeless tapered octagonal geometry. This geometry retains nice grip when things get messy, has nice angle control, and is adored by most who try it. The end of the handle has a brass ferrule that not only looks amazing but protects the end of the wood from any cooking oil splatter.

The blades are slightly tapered on the ends to accomidate either a right or left hand user. The inside tip of your main hand is slightly longer to ensure a perfect scoop every time.

Weight: 88g / 3.1oz
Blade Length: 153mm / 6"
Blade Width: 64mm / 2.5"
Handle Length: 153mm / 6"
Total Length: 330mm / 13.5"