Tsukasa Hinoura Shirogami 2 Kurouchi Kasumi Nakiri 165mm

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Tsukasa Hinoura is a third generation blacksmith from Sanjo, Niigata. World renowned for his craftsmanship and advancements to metallurgy, Tsukasa's creations are truly functional artwork. Hinoura san never uses machine made or prelaminated materials and only believes in using traditional techniques and only hand forged materials in every step of his process. No detail is spared.

Hand forged from Shirogami #2 core steel and hand laminated warikomi with high grade iron that is water quenched to 63hrc. The blade has a clean kurouchi finish with hand engraving. The bevels are hand finished on a progression of natural stones and show beautiful contrast between the steels. The handle is a very unique shape made from burnt chestnut with buffalo horn ferrule and end cap. The shape is faceted on the top and rounded on the bottom. 

Edge length:
Spine thickness above heel:
Height at heel: