Yanick Puig 7 Layer Vintage Iron Olivewood Gyuto 240mm

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Yanick Puig is a blacksmith located in La Salvetat-Peyralès, France. Yanick has been working on his craft for over 20 years with a focus on kitchen cutlery. His steel of choice is 135Cr3, a high carbon tool steel that has very good sharpness and wear resistance.

This blade is cladded in high quality iron and kasumi finished on a progression of Japanese natural stones. The top side of the blade is a very clean kurouchi finish. Yanicks knives have a nice weight to them and stiff spine, making them very confident and precise tools. Fit and finish is excellent with polished spine and choil. The blade is fitted with an octagonal Olivewood handle, Ziricote ferrule and elforyn spacer.

 Edge length: 241mm
Height at heel: 56.4mm
Weight: 226g
Spine thickness above heel: 5.0mm