Yoshikane SLD Black Damascus Gyuto 240mm

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Yoshikane Hamono is located in Sanjo, Niigata and founded in 1919. It is lead by Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto who continues to excel and evolve in making high grade kitchen knives. This series is forged from SLD tool steel and cladded in stainless damascus. SLD is considered a semi stainless and may form a slight patina with heavy use. From our experience with SLD it is very easy to care for and practically considered stainless SLD has great edge life, toughness, and sharpens very easily. Extremely even grinds that are very thin behind the edge. Thicker spine out of the handle with forged distal taper and very thin tips. These knives in our opinion are among the top in terms of cutting ability and overall quality. Fitted with an octagonal burnt chestnut handle and buffalo ferrule.

Edge Length: 247

Weight: 210g

Height at heel: 51.8mm

Spine thickness above heel: 3.3mm