Yuzusco (Japanese Yuzu Hot Sauce)

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Made from aromatic yuzu citrus skin, tangy green peppers, and rice vinegar carefully selected from hundreds of candidates, Yuzusco (Yuzu Hot Sauce) boasts a refreshing aroma and vibrant flavor. Takahashi Shoten uses yuzu grown in the Higashimera region of Miyazaki Prefecture, which is known to exhibit a particularly strong aroma. They also hand-peel the yuzu skin to maximize its beautiful fragrance.

This yuzu-based hot sauce is such a versatile condiment that it can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes from any cuisine. Whether you cook with meat, fish, or vegetables, just one drop of Yuzusco spices up your dish instantly. Yuzusco can also make wonderful cocktails like Bloody Marys or Spicy Margaritas. No preservatives or food coloring is used.

Bottle holds 1.76 oz

Ingredients: Vinegar, Red Pepper, Yuzu Peel, Salt.


Made by Takahashi Shoten

Rooted in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture on the Island of Kyushu, Takahashi Shoten was once a sake brewery. 

In 1946, the 12th president of the company started the use of sakekasu (sake lees), a byproduct of making sake, to produce innovative food items. 

In 2018, they developed Yuzusco (Yuzu Hot Sauce) by using yuzu citrus grown in Kyushu. Their extraordinary yuzu citrus hot sauce became a huge hit, that has since contributed to the promotion of Kyushu food culture around the world.